Railroads were coming to florida even before phosphate was discovered

Henry B. Plant shrewdly purchased many of the southern rail lines that went bust after the Civil War. Plant's rail system not only brought tourist but the speculators and the miners. Soon Plant's rails connected the phosphate mining areas and processing plants to the Gulf ports for shipping.


The new mining industry and tourism exploded, so did land prices.

The railroads brought thousands of new residents. Land prices increase and so did tourism to Florida's Gulf Coast. The 1920s brought record land investment which all went bust after the stock market crash in 1929.


the gulf coast flourished but in the interior along the peace river they were strip mining in the middle of nowhere.

Even throughout the 20th century mining companies had to build entire towns to house and provide services to the people who worked there. When the majority of mining companies closed. the Bone Valley was littered with mining ghost towns.