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ted ehmann

Ted Ehmann is a historian, artist and  writer who lives in Charlotte County, Florida. He founded Penn's Valley Green Awareness in 1989. Ehmann founded the Lennapehocking Bioregional Festivals, a year later. The first festival  1990 was on how the native people lived within the ecology of the Delaware Valley River Basin region. The festival featured Kirkpatrick Sale, author of Dwellers In the Land, The Bioregional Vision. The same year he spoke on bioregionalism at a conference in Moscow, USSR. In 1991, his second festival was devoted to sustainable agriculture. The festival was held at a Rudolph Steiner community with biodynamic farming in Kimberton, PA.

forgotten florida

Ehmann interest is in writing Florida's many forgotten histories. His first work The People of the Great Circle, Prehistoric Mound Builders in South Florida, by Pineapple Press,  sheds light on the 25 century-long Calusa and Mayaimi people who  created one of the most significant hunter-gathering cultures in world prehistory.

bioregionalist and founder of the lennapehocking bioregional council

Ehmann is an interdisciplinary researcher and author. He sees the profound inter-relationships between the natural world and human society. An follower of eco spiritualism, he believes in the essential relatedness of all life. He consistently applies non-material models to explain history and searches for a more wholistic world paradigm.