2019 desoto mine alert

Mosaic company not taking no for and answer

Save the Horse Creek near Arcadia and the Peace River from phosphate strip mining.

In July 2018, the headlines stated, "Mosaic spent 20 years planning new phosphate mine. DeSoto has rejected it."

Resident gave a sigh of relief when in a 4-1 decision, the commissioners voted don Mosaic's plans to strip mine the Horse Creek and Peace River ecosystems. This is Mosaic's and Florida's last hurrah. The USGS reported in the late 1990s that the economically feasible phosphate deposits in Florida have "peaked".

Fort Meade Mine Dam Accident 1971


Mosaic wants us to forget the Fort Meade mine dam accident in 1971, that sent billions of gallons of process water and toxic sludge into our river, and destrying its ecology.

The Desoto Commissioners are entrusted to review mosaic's reclamation plan


Please vist the reclamation page on this site. Chances are the Desoto decision-makers. do not know the mining company's history for botched reclamation once they leave. Failure to have a suitable reclamation will result on the taxpayers being online for trillions of dollars to correct it.